Group Swim Lessons

Group Swim Lessons

Class offerings for ages 6 months – 12 years!  Check out our age groups time offerings and pricing below!




This is a class for parents and their baby sharks ages 6 months-2 years.
Splash, play and sing with your little one while getting themused to the
water and building muscle memory. Parents will get a workout of their own,
lifting their baby out of the water and assisting in different movements.
Sign up early, spots are limited!


(Should be able to follow instructions and have good listening skills)
Preschool students learn water adjustment and confidence, safety, and
independence, as well as basic movements in the water in a fun and
interactive environment. Advanced students will complete some skills
without flotation or support.

Preschool Level 1
Designed for preschool age students who have little or no experience in the water. Students will work to gain confidence in the water and knowledge of water safety. Students will be introduced to mouth bubbles and putting their faces in the water with a goal of independence. Students will also be introduced to the correct swimming body position, forward movement, kicking on front and back, front and back floats, and introduction to underwater exploration.

Preschool Level 2
Students should be comfortable with putting their face in the water and show interest in growing independence in the water, to enter Level 2. Level 2 will continue to build on the skills and techniques presented in level 1. Skills will include mouth/nose bubbles, exploration of breathing management, front glides, kicking on front and back, arm strokes, independent back and front floats, and underwater exploration. Independence with skills is a big component of this class along with continued development of safety skills.

In these levels, students are learning to enhance and perfect the various
skill techniques learned in earlier levels. Students should be comfortable
in the water and continuing to grow in their aquatic independence.

Level 1 Swimmer
Designed for students who have completed preschool levels OR school-age students who have little or no experience in the water. Skills include: introduction to streamlining, kicking on front and back, front and back floats, alternating arm rotations, kicking on front and back, breathing regulation, independent front and back floats, underwater exploration, and continued in-water confidence building. Students will also work to understand how to change positions in the water to work toward safety skills.

Level 2 Swimmer
To enter this level, students must be comfortable submerging underwater, able to float on front and back, and able to make forward movement with kicking. Students should have strong confidence in the water. Flutter kick on front and back, streamlining, alternating arm strokes on front and back, rhythmic breathing, underwater exploration and treading skills will be introduced and developed in this level. Students will also begin to develop swimming endurance as they continue to develop skills.

Level 3 Swimmer
To enter level 3, students must be comfortable with independently moving across the full length of the swimming pool and comfortable with swimming underwater. Students will learn specific swimming strokes and build technique and endurance. Students will learn freestyle, backstroke, introduced to breaststroke, treading water and other safety skills.

The Rec Center swim lessons are in alignment with the Red Cross Learn to Swim Program and are coordinated by a Red Cross Water Safety Instructor. Due to water depth, we are currently unable to pass students fully out of Red Cross.